Tamura Yumi

Tamura Yumi was born on September 5th in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. She is a Japanese manga artist, also known as a mangaka, debuting with a short story Ore-tachi no Zettai Jikan in 1983. She received the Shogakukan Grand Prize for new artists in 1983 and since then she has compiled over 50 volumes of short and continuing series. One of her most popular work is Basara for which she won the 1993 Shogakukan Manga Award for shoujo manga. Below is a list of her work.

7 Seeds

17 Volumes (Ongoing) since 2002.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Josei, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-fi.
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The series is set in a post-apocalyptic future long enough after a meteorite hits Earth and species have evolved. Scientists had predicted this disaster and in response the government developed a plan whereby the froze a number of healthy people to survive after the meteor. They are divided into the groups; Winter group, Spring group, Summer group A, Summer group B, and Fall group. Each group consists of seven members and one guide. The series follows the struggles as the young adults try to survive in the wilderness.

17 Nichime no Chopin

1 Volume (Complete) published in 1987. No further details

Ano Natsu ga Owaru

Published in 1987
Second One-shot in the series "Tamu no Nandemo Capsule".
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Shoujo

Natsu died in an elevator crash. A deep shock for her best friend, Hidemi, and Natsu's boyfriend. But soon a shocking secret is solved...


27 Volumes (Complete) in 1990-1998
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo .

Born under a prophecy that will liberate and unite Japan, Sarasa has had to take her brother Tatara's place as the "Boy of Destiny." Fighting for the oppressed, Sarasa journeys across Japan to gain allies and defeat her enemies--all while keeping her identity a secret!

Bishop no Wa

2 Volumes, published in 1990
Genre: Fantasy Mystery Romance Shoujo

Kana and her boyfriend Reiji find the dead body of an ancient bishop, surrounded by a weird pattern of stones. Kana accidentally breaks the pattern, thus freeing a hundred evil spirits.Reiji and Kana are given the task of re-containing the evil spirits by the bishop's spirit. A curse was also put on them: Reiji will turn into a horse during the day, and Kana will turn into a hawk during the night. The lovers will not be able to meet in human form until all the evil spirits are contained again.

Boku ga Tenshi wo Unda Riyuu

Published in 1992. No further details.

Boku ga Boku wo Wasureta Riyuu

Published in 1993. No further details.

Boku ga Santa ni Atta Riyuu

Published in 1994. No further details.

Boku ga Gomi wo Suteta Riyuu

Published in 1995. No further details.

Boku ga Juuban Shoubusuru Wake

Published in 2001. No further details.

Bokura no Mura ni wa Mizuumi ga atta

1 Volume (complete), published in 2007. No further details.

Box Kei!

2 Volumes, published in 2000
Genre: Drama Romance Shoujo
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2 Volumes, published in 2000-2001
Genre: Action Adventure Josei Mystery Sci-fi
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It is the middle of the 21st century and Tokyo is expanding more and more, filling Tokyo Bay with landfill to make room for the bursting population. But suddenly Tokyo suffers one of its greatest earthquakes, and the landfill liquefies, creating untold damage in the newly-made urban area. The members of Self-Defense Force Rescue Squad Four are sent to help. But what they dig up is a plot of murder and destruction--one that wipes out nearly the entire squad and leaves its two surviving members, the fierce Rei and her cool, handsome partner Uozumi, in a fight for their lives. There is only one place where they can find the work that keeps them alive, and the support so they can start uncovering the mystery that killed their squad: that's in the south-Shinjuku bar called Chicago. As the earthquake levels Japan's largest city and capital and leaves countless dead, rescue workers, Rei and Uozumi, search for survivors amidst the rubble of Bay District D only to find a mysterious string of dead bodies--bodies with bullet holes. Without warning, the pair is under fire from the air as a hail of gunfire rains down. Are these the killers, and if so, what is their purpose? Barely escaping with their lives, Rei and Uozumi discover that their squad is listed only as "collateral damage" and their records wiped clean.

Chotto Eiyuushite Mitai (2003)

Hare Tokidoki Yami (1999)

Hearts (1996)

Madonna ni Tsugu (1992)

Megami ga Ochita Hi (1995)

Neko Mix Genkitan Toraji (2008-ongoing)

Odoru Kyoushitsu (1999)

Ore-tachi no Zettai Jikan (1983)

Ouji-kun (1999)

Roppongi Shinjuu (1991)

Shinwa ni Natta Gogo (1986)

Tamura Yumi the Best Selection (2008)

Tomoe ga Yuku! (1987-1990)

Toorima 1991 (1998)

Wangan Jungle (2002)

Wild Com. (1999)

X-Day (1993)