A fanlisting is simply an online list of fans of a subject, such as an anime series, a character, or a director/manga-ka, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join.

Vassalord: Charles J. Krishund and Johnny Rayflo

Vassalord is a manga series written and illustrated by Chrono Nanae.
Charles (a.k.a. Charley, Chris and Cherry) is a cyborg, and a vampire hunter for the Vatican, while his master Johnny enjoys a playboy lifestyle. Johnny takes joy in seducing his servant while Charley struggles to control his bloodlust for Johnny.

More than a DRUG FIX is the name of the fanlisting. In the first chapter Charley refers to Johnny as a "drug fix" as he can't control his desire for Johnny's blood. However their relationship is much more complex than "master and servant". Their past ties are not completely revealed in the manga and there is a lot of mystery surrounding them. But they do care for each other, for Charley, Johnny is not simply just a drug fix; he is something more though our sweet Cherry doesn't always admit it.

And for us fans, their relationship is like a drug fix, we're always going back for more! Its addictive.
But can you blame us? Those bite scenes are some of the sexiest I've ever seen in manga!

There are a lot of cute, funny moments between them, especially when Johnny makes his little perverted comments and its filled with very smexy scenes! I'm glad this fanlisting unites fans who enjoy the relationship between Johnny and Cherry ^_^ and if you've just stumbled across this not knowing what Vassalord is, well why don't you give it a try?